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Check Out Minnesota’s Fall Leaves Before They’re Gone [PICS]

fall leaves
Image via Experience The Wilderness

Peak color in Minnesota’s fall leaves is going fast. Use this tool to find the best remaining spots.

Fall is a wonderful time of year to be in Minnesota. The air is crisp, the geese are honking, and the fall leaves turn vast areas into beautiful panoramas. Whether you’re on the North Shore or in the southeast bluff country, Minnesota’s fall colors will take your breath away.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has compiled a tool to find the best fall leaves throughout the state.

fall leaves

Typically, peak color in Minnesota occurs throughout the state from late September to mid-October.

The best fall leaves occur when there was a warm and moist summer, followed by a sunny and cold fall. Severe summer droughts negatively impact the leaf colors, but mild droughts may actually help improve the colors.

Fall leaves get their colors when the green chlorophyll pigment fades. After the green color disappears, the other pigments (carotenoids and anthocyanins) reveal the yellow, orange, red, and purple colors.

The further south you go, the later the peak color occurs. There are plenty of scenic drives you can take to enjoy the fall leaves no matter where you live in the state.

So check out the DNR’s tool and get out there before they’re all gone.

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Check Out Minnesota’s Fall Leaves Before They’re Gone [PICS]