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Check out This Micro Camper Project Fifth Element Camping

These pictures a from a recent long-distance trip across America where a couple was trying out their micro camper in a Honda Element.

Check out this collection of photos which document this epic journey in an awesome micro camper.

According to their website, "It all started with an idea to have my own version of a VW Westfalia."

camper #1

Using a Honda Element as a base, this adventurer created their very own micro camper, and to make the journey easier they constructed accessories like the one pictured below.

camper #2

According to their website this couple spent much time developing the micro camper and once it was ready they came to a decision, "We then took a 3 week road trip through 14 States and 4200 miles to our new home in Asheville, NC."

featured camper

For more information in this amazing journey in tho sweet micro camper check out this site.

Images via FifthElementCamping


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Check out This Micro Camper Project Fifth Element Camping