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Check out The Latest Magpul Gear

Magpul is finishing the year strong with a few end-of-the-year products. Check out the latest updates.

Earlier this year, Magpul released the much awaited Gen 3 Magazine for the AK47. The upgrades were simple, but for AK enthusiasts they were really waiting for steel contacts on the magazine.

Even though the polymer mags were just fine, some end users still felt the plastic was not strong enough for their AK.

Magpul also added a new stock to their portfolio. The Yugo version of their Zhukof stock allows AK owners to attach a foldable polymer rifle stock to be installed on their rifles.

A lot of companies don't often make after market parks for the Yugo version of the AK. Magpul stepped up and created a solution for those users wanting to add some 21st century tech to their rifle.

Second item on the list was the AK/AKM magazine coupler. Some people love these additions. The coupler readily attaches another 30-round magazine to the one already inserted into your rifle.

Some enthusiasts insist that a reload completed with a mag coupler is faster than a single mag change out of the magazine pouch. If that works for you, or you prefer the dual mag reload style, then this is for you.

Lastly, Magpul released the base plates for the AK/AKM magazine. Magpul started in the industry with a simple addition to the AR15 magazines to help troops pull the magazine out of the pouch faster.

Today they offer so much more for the firearms industry and still offer the same Magpul's that made them famous.

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Check out The Latest Magpul Gear