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Check Out This Intense Turkey Hunt Footage [VIDEO]

Intense Turkey Hunt

This is truly one intense turkey hunt.

The footage below shows how a turkey hunt can be intense and unbelievable, but completely true at the same time.


If you have hunted turkey for a season or more, you probably have great stories about your most intense experiences. A few of my own come to mind. Unfortunately, most of us do not have proof of just how crazy things can get during these hunts. Anyone who hears our hunting stories think they are made up, or at least very exaggerated.

I guess more of us need to pick up some new technology and start filming our hunts. We can then record these great memories to watch later and share with others. Additionally, you and your hunting buddies can watch and learn a lot about the game you are hunting from the captured footage.

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Check Out This Intense Turkey Hunt Footage [VIDEO]