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Check out This Intense Hunt for an Ohio Booner Buck [VIDEO]

This Ohio Booner buck realizes something’s up… but it’s too late.

The guys from “The Management Advantage” posted this classic hunt from 2007. A young buck comes in and is quickly followed by the Ohio Booner buck that the hunter ends up harvesting. That’s when things get interesting.

A stare-down ensues between the hunter and the giant buck, but in the end the hunter is able to pull off a killing shot.

Watch the video to see it all go down for yourself.

This hunter did an excellent job of staying composed under pressure. While his shot was not the greatest, it was good enough to earn him an Ohio Booner buck.

Hopefully you’re seeing some success in the deer woods this fall. If not, stay at it. You never know when that buck of a lifetime is going to appear out of nowhere.

Plus, the rut is about to kick off. Get out in the woods and get hunting.

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Check out This Intense Hunt for an Ohio Booner Buck [VIDEO]