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Check out The Incredible Performance of the .458 SOCOM [VIDEO]

Check Out The Incredible Performance Of The .458 SOCOM

Watch as FPSRussia demonstrates the incredible performance of several different types of .458 SOCOM ammo on melons, paint cans, ballistic gelatin, and more.

Developed specifically for use in the M-4/M-16 series of rifles after the dismal performance of the 5.56x45mm NATO cartridge during the Battle of Mogadishu in 1993, the .458 SOCOM fires a much bigger and heavier (200-400gr) bullet at a moderate velocity. As you can see, it certainly appears to live up to expectations.

Check out the damage that FPSRussia does to a wide variety of targets with several different types of .458 SOCOM ammo in this awesome video.

Is the .458 SOCOM an awesome cartridge or what?

By simply replacing the upper receiver, any AR pattern rifle can be converted to fire .458 SOCOM cartridges. Other than that, no modifications need to be made, even the magazines are fully compatible with the .458 SOCOM and 10 of the larger rounds will fit in a standard 30 round NATO magazine.

Maybe I need to pick up a .458 SOCOM upper receiver for my AR-15…

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Check out The Incredible Performance of the .458 SOCOM [VIDEO]