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Check Out Hatsan's New Big Bore Airgun [VIDEO]

"They're here, and they're hungry!" These new airguns are powerful and silent. And awesome. 

Hatsan USA, Inc. releases their new Carnivore Line of Big Bore Airguns in both .30 and .35 calibers ... and you're going to want one.

Watch them make their bullseye disappear in this video demonstration.


Whatever your use for an airgun may be, give Hatsan USA's Big Bore Carnivore Line a look before you make that final decision. They definitely have us itching to get our hands on one!

The .30 caliber produces up to 75 ft. pounds of energy and the .35 caliber generates up to 95 ft. pounds of energy. Each Carnivore model will deliver 2 to 3 full magazines of consistent power output. That's at least 12 shots of .35 caliber, and up to 21 shots at .30 caliber, and both calibers will consistently put lead on target at 50, 75, and even out to 100 yards.

Who wouldn't want to have this airgun handy the next time 20 pigs come rolling through your hunting grounds, bombarding your feeder, scaring off the nearby deer, and eating up all the corn?

If you had one of these bad boys you could probably take out a couple hogs before they scatter and the deer wouldn't even hear a sound.

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Check Out Hatsan's New Big Bore Airgun [VIDEO]