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Would You Check Your Gun at an Armored Storage Unit?

armored storage

A St. Louis veteran has idea for weapons storage at sporting events.

Veteran Justin Hulsey has an interesting idea to give people an option to bring their concealed carry weapon to sporting events. Armored storage in a truck. He’s just not sure if it’s feasible, or even legal.

Hulsey came up with the idea after another veteran was shot and robbed after leaving a baseball game. It’s an interesting idea for sure, especially since weapons aren’t allowed at games. The legality and theft concerns will definitely have to be addressed.

The issue of allowing firearms at a sporting event was brought up earlier this year in a lawsuit at Florida State University where a student wanted to keep a weapon in her vehicle. For those who don’t want to walk through a parking lot without protection after a game, perhaps this could be an interesting compromise?

Hulsey has already built the unit and hopes to have the truck up and ready for service by January. If successful, it will be interesting to see if it spreads to other areas.

Is the vehicle itself too much of an enticing target for criminals? Would you take advantage of this service if it were made available to you?

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Would You Check Your Gun at an Armored Storage Unit?