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Check Out the Gerber Span Archery Tool [VIDEO]

The Gerber Span contains 19 different tools in one small packable unit.

This thing looks like it would be perfect to take along on a backpacking elk hunt where weight and packability are important, but a bow breakdown would be disastrous.

Using the Gerber Span, archers can install and sharpen broadheads, adjust draw weights on their bows, and move sight pins that have gotten bumped on the way into the backcountry.

There is a knife sharpener to help you keep a keen edge while processing your kill and when you finally make it back to the trailhead you can use the bottle opener to pop the top on a celebratory cold one.

Watch the video to see why you need a Gerber Span archery tool.

Fall hunting season will be here before you know it. Get out and practice with your archery equipment and consider picking up a Gerber Span tool to keep everything operating flawlessly.

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Check Out the Gerber Span Archery Tool [VIDEO]