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Check out This Epic River Battle Between Jaguar and Caiman

A jaguar makes a vicious attack on a caiman by jumping right off a sheer bank into a river after the reptile.

Jaguars and caiman confrontations have been making viral video news this year.

It’s easy to see why. When two of the jungle’s most feared and mysterious predators face off it is sure to command our attention.

This incident took place in the Meeting of the Waters State Park, in Porto Jofre, in central Brazil. The park is part of the Pantanal region, “the world’s largest continuous wetland” ecosystem in South America. The area covers over 60,000 square miles and bleeds into three South American countries.

A small flotilla of wildlife tourists notice the big cat walking the upper bank of the Black Little River. As they observe the jaguar it suddenly leaps down the bank and into the water, attacking a large caiman, which until now had gone unnoticed by everyone.

The ensuing battle lasted for 20 minutes before the jaguar prevailed and emerged with the throat of the crocodilian gripped in its jaws. The cat then struggled to drag the caiman up onto the jungle path before laboriously carrying its prize back into the forest.

This particular wildlife tour was directed via Pantanal Jaguar Safaris, a company owned and operated by professional wildlife biologists. Their specialty is putting tourists onto jaguars to observe the secretive predators in their natural habitat.

Little did anyone expect that this outing would also present a dramatic life-and-death encounter.

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Check out This Epic River Battle Between Jaguar and Caiman