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Check Out the Custom Built Wheelchair Accessible Swamp Buggy

The outdoors is for everyone, and with tools like this fully accessible swamp buggy, more people than ever will be able to enjoy it!

We need as many people as possible outside hunting, fishing, and being a part of the great outdoors as we can. If it takes a little technology to make it happen, then we’re all for it.

Here’s a great idea whose time has come, and the best part is that it has plenty of room for more!

Okay, what was better: the ‘wheelchair hunter’ logo on the back or the way that motor just purred with power when he turned it over? He said that it has room for four, works with hand controls, and is all set up to ride or hunt!

The only thing missing was a nice look at it in action. This buggy has a lot of possibilities. I can already see someone putting some great decal work on it to start, then another guy will come in with walls, a fridge, and windows to shoot out of.

Cheers to the engineers of this great machine for opening the great outdoors for more of our handicapped brothers and sisters!



Ziesel All-Terrain Wheelchairs: Getting Disabled Hunters Back in the Woods [VIDEO]

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Check Out the Custom Built Wheelchair Accessible Swamp Buggy