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This Illustrated Map Shows the Top Meats For Each State in America

This map shows the most popular state meats in America.

Slate Magazine researched the most popular meats in every US state and created an interactive map with info about each pick.

The interactive map features a number of game animals, including Wyoming's pick for elk, Oregon's wild boar and Florida's alligators. Some of the more unusual state meats include tongue for Nevada (According to the article, Nevada has a large Basque population that eats cow tongue), Montana's Rocky Mountain oysters (fried cow testes) and the Idaho Yak.

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Only a few of the state meats are distinguished as official state foods. Oklahoma has barbecued pork, chicken fried steak and sausages and gravy on their list of official state foods.

We got a kick out of the California state meat: tofu. "It's a well-known fact that Californians don't eat meat, just tofu and kale. And to include kale on a list of state meats would just be ridiculous." wrote the article's author, LV. Anderson.

To view the full list of state meats, check out the interactive map over at Slate Magazine.

Did Slate get your state's official meat right? Let us know what you think in the comments section. 

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This Illustrated Map Shows the Top Meats For Each State in America