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Check Out the B&T Double-Position Speed Loader Feed Magazine

The B&T double-position speed loader is a great way to spend less time reloading and more time shooting.

The loading done in this video shows a good variety of ammunition being loaded from different brands, differing box sizes, and with one interesting twist.

The B&T YouTube channel says that this is good for the MP9 and the HK MP5.

Check it out and see what you think.

The good folks from B&T say it right from the top: “A loader like this WILL NOT work with a single-position-feed magazine like a Glock (or pretty much any pistol) magazine. It will ONLY work with a double-position-feed magazine like most SMGs and rifles use.”

And just in case you feel the need to use your men’s hockey glove:

1 Magazine Loaders.

All kidding aside, this looks to be both practical and useful. I found one retail outlet called HKparts selling it for $24.95.

It’s obviously meant to make our gun range shooting experience quicker and less complicated, and that’s the point.


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Check Out the B&T Double-Position Speed Loader Feed Magazine