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Check Out the Brand New Ameristep Crush Silencer Blind


It's no secret that Ameristep tree stands, ground blinds, and accessories offer an unmatched level of concealment.

Just when you thought their products couldn't get any better, Ameristep recently announced the release of it's newest hunting blind, the Crush Silencer Blind.

New for 2016, the Crush Silencer Blind is packed full of features and moderately priced.

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Ameristep pros and stars of the hit Outdoor Channel Show, "Crush with Lee and Tiffany," made a list of things they'd like to see in a ground blind and passed it on to the experts at Ameristep.

According to Ameristep, "the design engineers worked down that golden list, waved their wand (okay, that's a literary metaphor for a lot of research, testing and high-tech engineering stuff), and Lee and Tiffany's ultimate hunting blind emerged."

The Crush Silencer Blind features:

  • Window covers and mesh can be opened or closed without noisy hook-and-loop
  • Silent slide window system allows one-hand silent adjustments
  • Split window curtain design allows you to fine-tune openings, maximizing concealment and visibility
  • Silent entry door design
  • Integrated mesh shooting ports
  • Brush loops for adding local foliage
  • Realtree Xtra Camouflage Pattern

With the Crush Silencer Blind, hunters won't have to fret over the sounds of zippers and Velcro thanks to Ameristep's innovative Silent Slide Track system for all mesh screens and window covers.

In addition to the full-length double zipper to seal off the blind's door off when not in use, the Crush Silencer has a "sound-killing trick up its sleeve": a fabric flap surrounding the door can be quickly and quietly fastened to the blind's fiber poles.

These features allow hunters to enjoy complete concealment, scent containment and protection from the elements without using the zipper.

When inside the blind, hunters will benefit from Ameristep's split-window curtain design which allow the Crush Silencer's window openings to be customized like never before.

Depending on your desired level of concealment and visibility, you can open half of each window cover or the entire thing. To top it off, each full or half window can also be opened partially, or all the way.

If you're a hunter that prefers to shoot through mesh windows, the Crush Silencer has them. But if you don't, the Crush Silencer blind also has mesh shooting ports strategically placed throughout.


The entire blind was purposefully designed down to its bones. The Crush Silencer Blind features Ameristep's unbreakable Spider Hub System that is both bomb-proof and failure-free.

The virtually indestructible hub is covered by an outer shell comprised of Ameristep's proprietary Durashell Plus fabric - "a dull, woven polyester material that is non-reflective, relatively lightweight, and makes possible the highest quality screen printing in the industry."

To add to it's stealthiness, the blind is outfitted with a soft, brushed finish making it extremely quiet. On the inside, it offers a black Shadow Guard fabric coating that won't reflect light.

In the off chance the Crush Silencer Blind's Realtree Xtra camouflage isn't enough to get the job done,  it also includes two rows of sewn-in brush loops on all four sides allowing for the easy application of supplemental camouflage utilizing local vegetation.

If you're curious with how it measures up, the Crush Silencer blind has a footprint of 55-inches, height of 66-inches and weighs in at a mere 16.5 pounds.

If there's one thing the folks at Ameristep and the Lakoskys know, it's concealment. To get closer to your game than ever, trust them and invest in the Crush Silencer for yourself.

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Check Out the Brand New Ameristep Crush Silencer Blind