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Check out These Bizarre Weapons of WWII [VIDEO]

Bizarre weapons of WWII

If you have any interest in weapons in general, you will want to check out these five bizarre weapons of WWII.

As long as people have been around there has been a need for weapons. Some of those weapons have stood the test of time and battle and proved themselves to be among the best.

But others, once developed, were turned out to not be such good ideas.

These five bizarre weapons of WWII are just a few of those that, for one reason or another, did not quite turn out the way the inventors had hoped.

Some of these actually seemed like pretty good ideas. With a little more work and today’s new technology some of these bizarre weapons could be revived and improved.

Or maybe not…

What kind of bizarre weapons have you seen lately that needed to stay on the idea board?

Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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Check out These Bizarre Weapons of WWII [VIDEO]