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Check Out This Bizarre Mirage Over Lake Michigan [PICS]

All images via WBAY

No, you’re not seeing things; it’s a strange mirage over Lake Michigan.

Josh Super told reporters, “We were definitely not expecting to photograph this.”

He was camping with his girlfriend at Warren Dunes State Park close to Bridgman, Michigan when he photographed a bizarre mirage over Lake Michigan.


Super added, “I had absolutely no clue what we were looking at, no matter how much we discussed it. It appeared as though something foreign was rising out of the middle of Lake Michigan.”

The photograph is an upside-down Chicago skyline mirage over Lake Michigan.


A mirage over Lake Michigan can usually happen between mid-April and mid-May on clear days, according to meteorologist Ellen Bacca of WOOD TV. The lake is still cold this time of year, but air temperatures are warming up. The mirage was most likely formed when very warm air came over land and the wind was almost nonexistent. This created an “inversion” over the lake when the air density bent light waves making the mirage.

The event is pretty rare; Super “didn’t realize this phenomenon would turn out to be so rare and that most people were not aware of it. It was a really cool thing to learn about, and I’m just glad we were able to experience it.”

All images via WBAY

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Check Out This Bizarre Mirage Over Lake Michigan [PICS]