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Check out This Big Buck Taken with a 30-40 Krag

When this hunter hit the woods with his vintage 30-40 Krag, he was hoping to harvest a doe. He was in for a pleasant surprise.

The 30-40 Krag was developed in the 1890s to replace the 45-70 in guns toted by U.S Army soldiers. Believe it or not, the cartridge, shooting a 220-grain bullet, was considered a small bore at the time.

Watch the video to see what the 30-40 Krag can do to a big Pennsylvania whitetail.

Wow! Nice buck!

Taking a big buck after years of waiting and passing up smaller bucks is always special, but doing it with a vintage rifle like this hunter’s 30-40 Krag is icing on the cake.

This hunt is a great example of how of letting young bucks grow to maturity can pay dividends in the future, something to consider if you are still chasing late season whitetails.

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Check out This Big Buck Taken with a 30-40 Krag