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Check Out This Big Bore Air Gun Used for Wild Boar Hunting [VIDEO]

Hunting big wild boar with an air rifle? If it is this .45 caliber pellet gun, you bet!

Wild boar has become the number one invasive species in need of eradication in the United States due to the damage they do to farm lands, crops and the environment itself. In many states, there is all year open hunting season with liberal to completely open bag limits.

With all of that pork and bacon running around in the woods and farm lands, hunters are maximizing this quickly renewable resource and trying new hunting implements in the process. Enter the big bore air rifle.


Lewis and Clark had a large caliber air rifle along with them during their exploration, and it bagged deer and brought great amazement from the Native Americans that they encountered along the way. This modern incarnation of the big bore air rifle is a .45 caliber Ranger that launches a 430-grain hollow point. The 275-pound wild boar in this video traveled only five yards after being hit, then died in seconds. Amazingly, the bullet made a full pass through of the boar.

Big bore air rifles have become a force to reckon with and have proved their place in the wilds for game hunting. We expect to see more states allowing them in the future for hunting game.

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Check Out This Big Bore Air Gun Used for Wild Boar Hunting [VIDEO]