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Check out How Awesome Fishing Striper Can Be with a Drone [VIDEO]

Have you ever thought about striper fishing with a drone? Imagine overhead shots of busting fish along with reel busting striped bass and you’ll have the makings of an awesome video.

These guys go out striper fishing with a drone on a lake in east Tennessee. The video starts out with an overhead shot of what anglers dream about; acres of busting fish.

The action is captured from above by a DJI Phantom 2 with an H3-3D Gimbal mount, and the clarity is stunning. Oh yeah, they catch some big striped bass too. I’ll give a few tips to catch fish in these conditions after the video.

If the overhead shots of busting fish aren’t enough, then you get the big fish being fought to the boat. These guys picked the right day to go out with their cameras.

It looked like they were throwing artificial lures as well. Crankbaits, rattle-traps, top waters and swimbaits will do the trick on schooling fish.

Just throw your offerings over and beyond the busting fish and reel through the commotion rapidly. Just make sure you don’t motor up to the action or you’ll force the bait and fish down.

Approach cautiously, fight your instincts to rush, and you could hook up on nearly every cast in these conditions, and whether you are fishing fresh or saltwater, the action really doesn’t get any better.

Looks like I need to get a drone.


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Check out How Awesome Fishing Striper Can Be with a Drone [VIDEO]