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Check Out These Great Ammo Deals From Brownell’s

Stock up with these great ammo deals from Brownell’s.


Gun owners and dealers across the country are struggling to find ammunition, but there are still great deals out there.

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Our friend over at Brownell’s – one of the world’s leading firearms dealers – shared these great ammo deals with us, and we want to share them with you.

The ammo deals on the list this list include picks for handguns, AR-platform rifles, shotguns, .50-cal rifles and more.

Click through the slideshow to view 10 ammo deals from Brownell’s.

Dynamic Research Technologies – .45 Auto Frangible Handgun Ammunition

Dynamic Research Technologies’ revolutionary lead-free Frangible Handgun round is designed to break apart on contact with a solid target. These 85-grain rounds will disintegrate upon impact with steel but they will remain intact on an organic target. Boxes come with 20 rounds.

Gorilla Ammunition – 300 Blackout

Here’s some more for AR-Platform shooters. The Gorilla Ammunition’s 300 Blackout rounds are highly-accurate. These 220-grain Hollow Point Boat Tail bullets are great for competitive shooting, target practice and self-defense. Boxes come with 20 rounds.

Wolf Ammunition – .223 Gold Rifle

Wolf Ammunition’s .223 Gold Rifle rounds feature a full copper jacketed lead core. These 55-grain bullets have a brass casing with a reloadable non-corrosive box primer. Each box comes with 20 rounds.

FEDERAL – XM193 Ammunition

The XM193 is a high quality 5.56 x 45mm NATO Full Metal Jacket bullet. This 55 grain FMJ boattail bullet was the exact load used in original M16 rifle. Each bullet is headstamped with the Federal logo and date of manufacture.

Federal – American Eagle .223 Rem VARMINT AMMUNITION

Ready to shoot some varmint? Federal’s American Eagle .223 Rem ammo is accurate and powerful. These 50 grain tipped bullets are perfect for hunting wild pig hunting and other varmint hunting. Each box comes with 20 rounds.

Wolf – 7.62 x 39mm Rifle Ammo

This 7.62 x 39 round is designed for reliable firing in adverse conditions. The bullet’s Copper-washed steel casing and polymer coating protects against corrosion and provides smooth feeding and extraction. Each round is filled with a non-corrosive powder and primer to prevent damage to your rifle’s bore. Boxes come with 200 rounds.

Federal – 50 BMG 660 Grain FMJ

This one’s for all you .50-cal shooters out there. Federal’s 50 BMG 660 Grain FMJ is the perfect round for practicing your long-range shooting skills with a .50-cal rifle. Each bullet is non-corrosive, re-loadable, boxer-primed and brass cased. Boxes come with 10 rounds.

Winchester – Super Target 12 Gauge Ammunition 250 Rounds

Ready to shoot some clays, trap or skeet? Load up with Winchester Super Target 12 Gauge Ammunition. This shotgun ammo features a hinged wad for reduced felt-coil and increased velocity. It also consistently burns powder and primers to give you consistent patterns. This deal is for 10 boxes for a total of 250 rounds.

Samson International – 7.62 x 51 FMJ

Here’s some ammo for all you military-style rifle shooters out there.Samson International’s 7.62 x 51 FMJ 150 grain rounds are boxer primed with primper crimp. Each round is reloadable and non-corrosive. Boxes contain 50 rounds.

Winchester – Military Grade Shotgun Ammunition

Here’s some high-powered ammo for all you shotgun shooters. These Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds from are military-grade overruns. Each round is packed with nine #00 buckshot pellets. Boxes come with 5 rounds.

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Check Out These Great Ammo Deals From Brownell’s