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Check out What an Active Bear Den Looks Like Just Before the Winter Hibernation

Take a look inside of one of nature’s most remarkable settings: an active bear den that’s ready for hibernating.

One of the natural world’s most studied phenomenons is bear hibernation. An active bear den is a place of both peace and wonder, and fortunately there are non-intrusive ways of observing them.

Bear hibernation, sometimes called semi-hibernation, means that “sleeping” bruins can be disturbed while they take their long winter nap.

Now with the advent of infrared robotic cameras, activity sensors, and other remote detection devices, scientists can truly study bears without disturbing them.

Une fascinante plongée dans la tanière d’un ours en pleine hivernation par Gentside Découverte

Obviously, these bears have been collared for research purposes, as finding them in their den would be some kind of chore without it.

There’s a great look at mama bear putting her big paws on some leaf litter to line their bed with. Researchers say that they will begin to prepare the dens in September and October and that even the cubs will help.

Once huddled in their shelter the bears can and will move about during the winter months, changing their position many times.

Even in a state of semi-hibernation they are sensitive to outside noise and can be disturbed, causing scientists to caution against approaching any known active den.


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Check out What an Active Bear Den Looks Like Just Before the Winter Hibernation