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Check Out the .50 Cal-Mounted Off-Road Jeep of Death [VIDEO]

.50 cal

Put a .50 cal on your vehicle and what do you have?

A .50 cal mounted, over-the-top, off-road, ammunition-spraying death Jeep!

There are some hogs somewhere in Texas shuddering right about now.

A full military version of the .50 cal would fire so fast, your eyes and ears would melt. This toned-down version might not do that, but it would be fun to shoot. Nobody would cut this guy off while he was on his way to the woods.

The only way to improve this vehicle is to add some night optics and a grenade launcher to take care of the hogs who dare to run.

If you could mount a weapon like this on your vehicle, would you?

I see a lot of raised hands out there!

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Check Out the .50 Cal-Mounted Off-Road Jeep of Death [VIDEO]