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Check Out the 45-70 Gatling Gun in Action [VIDEO]

This 45-70 gatling gun replica video will have you thinking it’s the 180os again.

Originally made in the late 19th Century, this replica of a 45-70 Gatling gun looks and works like it’s brand new.

Watch as a young man takes this firearm by the crank and lets it rip.

This 45-70 Gatling gun was made to operate and look like the original, and after watching this video, you have to agree it behaves like the real thing.

Gatling guns are crank-powered firearms made for rapid-fire capabilities. Utilizing a cylindrical cluster of several barrels, they were first used by the U.S. Army around 1866.

Did you notice how they had to load the gun one bullet at a time? One can only image what using this gun during war must have been like.

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Check Out the 45-70 Gatling Gun in Action [VIDEO]