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How to Cheat the Hand Drill with a Piece of Paracord [VIDEO]

Making a fire by friction is no easy task, but Sigma 3 Survival School has a method to cheat the hand drill and save your energy in the wild.

The hand drill is a good method for starting a friction fire, assuming you have the right wood, and it's dry. But there's a way to limit the valuable calories you expend while starting a fire in this way.

Watch the video to see how these guys use a small length of paracord to cheat the hand drill.

Cottonwood, yucca, cedar and willows are all good choices if you can find them; also walnut, red elm and cypress are all soft but sturdy woods to work with. You want a wood that's dry, but not so soft it breaks when you start to apply pressure.

This definitely looks easier to me. You'll probably expend less calories, and your hands will take less of a beating too.

And if you ever really find yourself in a true survival situation; you better keep your hands as healthy as possible. You're going to need them.

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How to Cheat the Hand Drill with a Piece of Paracord [VIDEO]