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Does Cheaper Gas Mean More Fishing?

Flickr/Video Vic

“Are you fishing more because of lower gas prices?”

This is the question of a recent poll in Louisiana. It seems pretty obvious to me that the answer would be yes. It stands to reason that with cheaper gas we could buy more of it for our cars, trucks, and boats.

The winner by a landslide (68.87%) is, “No, I fish just as much as I always have.”

Turns out we’re a stubborn bunch and don’t let a silly thing like gas prices get in the way of our fishing.

I can’t say I’m particularly surprised by the outcome. Personally, 2014 was probably my best year yet for getting out and wetting a line.

The other options were nowhere near close.

The second place answer, “Yes I fish more often,” only had 15.9% followed by fishing more and running further at 9.43%. Fishermen who only run farther brought up the rear with a mere 6.6%, however I have a hunch that some of them are only running farther because there aren’t extra days of the week for them to go more often.

Where do you fall on the poll? Did gas prices hurt your game? Are you back on track now the the cost of fuel has gone down?

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Does Cheaper Gas Mean More Fishing?