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Cheap, Natural, and Effective Scent Control

Terril Hebert

 You do not need special deodorants and sprays to have a chance of taking game without being sniffed out.

The laboratory has created many solutions to cover the scent of the human hunter in order to take wary prey. Scent control products like deodorant sticks, sprays, and even laundry detergent and soups are on just about every outdoor retailer's storefront. Coming from a poor Cajun family we did not have much money to spend and we still had to get meat in the freezer. Therefore, we made our own scent control products.

There are many natural ways to cover your scent before you head out into the field but I find one of the best solutions revolves around the evergreen tree. It is a species that can be found just about anywhere in North America and is one of the few trees to stay green even in the dead of winter.

Utilizing the fragrant smell of the evergreen tree has been an effective means of scent disguise in my experience and here is how I go about disguising my own scent.

1. Harvest needles

Relieve an evergreen tree of a few handfuls of its needles.

2. Break them up

Break up the needles in your hands. You will find the scent and water within the needles will release.

3. Rub down

Rub yourself down with the crushed needles with emphasis on areas you might perspire from most. I tend to scrub my hands, scalp, feet, under the arms and down my legs.

4. Rub down everything

For maximum effect, I rub down my weapon, shoes, pack, and outer garments.

Terril Hebert

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My process may seem ridiculous to some but at the same time, early hunters did similar things since their survival depended on gaining an edge on game that could out-see and out-smell them.

While hunting for survival is rare today, it should be noted that technology is still no match for knowledge in the field. Covering your scent doesn't have to be expensive and knowing a natural alternative can come in handy.

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Cheap, Natural, and Effective Scent Control