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Go Chase Tarpon in the Remote Jungles of Cuba

Tarpon is becoming the new craze in fishing. Watch as this angler journeys to Cuba in search of trophy fish!

Fishing for tarpon is becoming increasingly popular in the United States. Anglers have started to chase the migration and can pin point where the fish are going to be at any given time. Cyril decides to chase this particular species in Cuba, with his ultimate destination being Jaquey Grande. Jaquey Grande holds a the Rio Hatiquanico water system, which is teeming with tarpon.

Once Cyril gets to the end of his road, his guide loads up the small boat and head deep into the jungle. The water in these parts of Cuba are virtually untouched by fisherman. This due in part to being a wild life refuge. Starting off with a buck tail jig in yellow, Cyril begins his journey in attempting to land a trophy tarpon. Unfortunately the jig did not produce, and it was time to switch over to top water fishing. Immediately, a fish strikes the popper and a baby tarpon was caught.

Heading even deeper into the wilderness, they continue to bring fish to the boat. Having a lure that produces a lot of noise ended up being key in this fishery. After voyaging so far, the boat eventually reached the end of the line and could go no further. Thankfully, Cyril was prepared and brought an inflatable boat with a trolling motor that could navigate the small water up ahead.

The payoff couldn’t have been better! Strike after strike tarpon lunge after his lure, and by the sound of laughter it was pure bliss. The biggest fish ended up being over fifteen pounds! After fishing for an extended amount of time, Cyril heads back to meet his guide at the boat and head back home.


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Go Chase Tarpon in the Remote Jungles of Cuba