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‘Chasing Rumor’ — New Book About Fly Fishing in Patagonia [VIDEO]

As an angler, what will you be doing in early June?

Besides fishing… That’s a given. When you’re not fishing or working, maybe try reading about fishing.

Cameron Chambers’ new book, “Chasing Rumor,” chronicles his season of fly fishing in Patagonia—chasing rumors of 20-pound trout.

At the turn of the 20th century, American trout were introduced to the rivers and streams of Patagonia in South America. Then wars and nation-building caused people to forget about the fish.

Turns out that during those years, the trout grew in population and size, and then anglers rediscovered the fish.

Chambers’ book tells the story of his chase, but it’s more than a fish story. It’s about people and places and their stories, all tied together in the chase for large trout.

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‘Chasing Rumor’ — New Book About Fly Fishing in Patagonia [VIDEO]