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‘Chasing Rumor’ Author Speaks About Patagonia Fishing and Culture [VIDEO]

The author of “Chasing Rumor: A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia” shares his thoughts on the release of the book and importance of its content.

Cameron Chambers worked as a fly fishing guide in Patagonia. Yes, the jealousy of that simple statement is palpable. But it’s what he did with his time there that’s produced one of the best fishing books of recent memory, “Chasing Rumor.”

Released earlier this year, “Chasing Rumors: A Season Fly Fishing in Patagonia” highlights the places, people, and angling culture of South America’s fly fishing hotspot.

Chambers spoke on the phone with us about the creation of the book idea, its long publication process, and the end result, which he feels is more than representative of the time he spent and the things he learned while working on it.

“I shipped a Nissan Pathfinder and a 16-foot cataraft from Miami to Buenos Aires, got those through customs, and spent six months just basically trying to chase down these rumors that I’d heard when I was guided and that I’d read about. Obviously, as I was traveling around I’d hear more rumors from people about places I have to go and fish, so the book is really just the process of traveling around Patagonia, trying to find all these great places. Sometimes they turned out to be these perfect places I could never imagine, and sometimes they were not.

“Really what I ended up figuring out was just that, what was more important than whether or not there were big fish was the experience of going to the new place, meeting whatever people could help me along the way and wanted to join the adventure. That’s what I ended up taking away as the real value of the adventure.”

And isn’t that what fishing trips should be all about?

The book is in itself a testament to the true journey fishing can take us on, whether it’s to the unexpected or the non-fruitful. The locations, personalities, and casts we get to experience are well worth any investment we make.

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‘Chasing Rumor’ Author Speaks About Patagonia Fishing and Culture [VIDEO]