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Watch What It's Like to Chase Giant Fish with Subsurface Plugs

Chasing trophy fish with subsurface plugs can be some of the most exciting fishing out there. Watch as these fishermen show tactics on getting more fish to the boat!

The Everglades is world renown for its amazing fishing. The variety of fish you can catch in one day is unmatched. This video shows captain Blair Wiggins and captain Gary Thompson getting it done on some really nice tarpon. Captain Gary Thompson is a guide out of Everglades City, Florida and informs us on which subsurface plugs help him out preform the rest!

When targeting tarpon in the Everglades, it is import to work the lures down and cross tide. This seems to be their sweet spot and will greatly increase the chance of hooking into one of these monsters. Another thing to remember is to change up your hook set technique. Thompson explains that most people want to set the hook right away.

This method leads to poor hook sets and the tarpon will more than likely throw the hook. The correct method is to wait for the fish to take some line, then set the hook. This will result in a higher percentage of fish landed.

The lures used for this trip were all considered subsurface plugs, combined with a Cape fear EXT Series rod. The EXT series rod, will help hold up against massive fish. The last thing you want is a trophy tarpon snapping your rod! The Golden Eyed Maverick was the winner of the day, when it came to lure selection. DOA lure company also tallied up some hook ups as well. Captain Thompson really has faith in the subsurface plugs to keep his customers happy.

Chasing Tarpon can be one of the most unreal experiences a fisherman can encounter. It's not many outings that an angler can say they landed a fish of this stature. Hopefully, Captain Thompson shed some light to help you get your first tarpon on the boat!


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Watch What It's Like to Chase Giant Fish with Subsurface Plugs