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Chasing Colorado Deer with Long-Range Technology [VIDEO]

Could you shoot a mule deer from a mile away?

Solo Hunter Tim Burnett has only two days to fill his Colorado mule deer tag. The tag itself is difficult enough to get, and actually filling it takes tremendous effort.

There’s one thing he’s hoping will help him accomplish his goal – a brand new piece of long-range equipment from the MOA Rifles factory in Oregon.

With miles and miles of ground to cover in search of that trophy mule deer, will Burnett gain the upper hand?

MOA’s Evolution – Long Range Hunter technology, new in 2015, allows for incredible distance shooting with accuracy. While most hunts don’t require shots farther than 400-500 yards, the ability to go beyond that distance with confidence could really come in handy.

Like Burnett, when you’re chasing Colorado deer across a vast reach, ethical, accurate shots are key.

So, do you think he finds his target?

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Chasing Colorado Deer with Long-Range Technology [VIDEO]