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Charity Father’s Day Walleye Tournament Cheater is Special Kind of Low

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Any fishing tournament cheater is bad, but this is terrible. 

Every year, the Lake Champlain International Father’s Day Derby takes place. There, fishermen from all over the northeastern part of the U.S. compete for over $150,000 in cash prizes for different fishing categories.

This year is no different, but a black spot on the competition has recently been uncovered. Rumors are spreading of last year’s record fish, and biggest winner of the event, may in fact be a tournament cheater.

Craig Provost registered a 10.26-pound, 30-inch walleye during the event last year. With this catch, along with the extra lottery style qualifier tickets that he had purchased prior to the event, the payout for his walleye was multiplied to just over $13,000. No doubt, this would have been a great day for any angler.

Provost later said in an interview about his catch that it was “really, really unbelievable. It’s like God dropped it in my boat,” it was reported. “I’ve never caught a walleye, never ate a walleye. I really wanted to have it mounted, but obviously I would have lost my team points. It was all about my team, too. I have to give credit to my team.”

Now, an anonymous source reported to the police that Provost in fact did not catch the fish, but a teammate who had not purchased any bonus tickets did. It was then presumed they collaborated their story to split the prize money.

“Yesterday morning, I was informed by Colchester Police that Craig Provost of Plattsburgh was cited for fraud, a felony offense, in conjunction with his 2015 entry in the LCI Father’s Day Derby,” said James Ehlers, the executive director of the hosting Lake Champlain International.

In light of this discovery, the old record has been vacated and Provost, along with his teammates, have been banned from the tournament.

Charges are still pending and Provost has not been found guilty. At this time, he is still considered innocent.



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Charity Father’s Day Walleye Tournament Cheater is Special Kind of Low