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Charging Bruin Gives Elk Hunters a Scare

Billings Gazette

These elk hunters got quite the surprise from a charging bruin.

Whenever you are hunting in grizzly country, keeping your head on a swivel is a must for survival. These hunters, however, were not expecting such a charging bruin to be a black bear.

Russel Ferster, a native of Absarokee, traveled to the Crazy Mountains with his 11-year-old brother Lane for an archery elk hunt.

black bear charging bruin

After Russel made a few cow calls the two hunters thought they lucked out and heard something rustling in the bushes nearby heading their way.

They soon discovered the black bear instead of the bull elk they were searching for. Russel did what you are supposed to do when a black bear appears. He raised his arms above his head and began waving and trying to scare the bear away.


After realizing the bear felt his move was more of a challenge, Russel picked up his bow as the bear charged at the two elk hunters. Russel normally brings bear spray or a handgun, but had left both behind on this particular day.

Russel knew he had one shot and needed to make it count. He drew back his Bowtech BT-X tipped with a Slick Trick broadhead and let it fly.

Russel hit the bear right above the eye, penetrating the skull enough to drop the bear instantly. So close, in fact, the fletching of the arrow hit Russel in the leg. Russel had to lie on the ground after the shot in order to simply settle himself down while his adrenaline was still pumping through his veins.

Russel said he has not forgotten his bear spray since that hunt, and we’re certain he won’t ever again.

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Charging Bruin Gives Elk Hunters a Scare