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Charges Filed Against Two Men in Avon Lake for Dead Deer

FOX 8 Cleveland

Two men in Avon Lake, Ohio, are facing charges related to dead deer found in city limits.

Adam Petrella, 26, and Andrew Smith, 25, have been charged with hunting violations and animal cruelty.

City residents reported a dead deer, according to the Avon Lake Police Department. The deer had arrow wounds. Officials knew the deer was not one killed as part of the city’s culling program.

After another deer was dumped on Jan. 2, officials got a description of the vehicle, which led police to Petrella and Smith. Smith faces another charge of shooting a bow in the city limits.

The city of Avon Lake instituted a deer cull program to control the population in city limits. Numerous reports of car-deer accidents and deer smashing through windows spurred the city to approve the culling program.

The effort is part of a 10-year plan to keep the deer herd at manageable levels in city limits.

City officials sought to use local hunters in 2014, but a lack of interest forced the city to hire sharpshooters from an approved list from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

In addition to the Avon Lake charges again Petrella and Smith, the Ohio Division of Wildlife is pursuing sanctions and fines against the pair.


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Charges Filed Against Two Men in Avon Lake for Dead Deer