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Charge Your Devices on the Go with the New PowerClip Power Bank [PICS]

When you are out on the trail or backcountry it’s nice to have fully charged devices. Check out iHome’s new PowerClip Power Bank.  

Whether you are hiking, fishing, camping, backpacking or traveling, a dead phone or electronic device does no good. The new portable PowerClip Power Bank is a pretty awesome new gadget that goes along wherever you may go thanks to its carabiner attachment and small size.

IMG_6784 (1)

This small backup battery holds enough juice for three full iPhone 5 charges. That way when you are setting up for the perfect sunset shot on the top of that mountain, you can be sure your phone will deliver.

An LED light will tell you how much charge is still available and it comes precharged and ready to go. You can easily hook up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop using a USB. Once the battery is dead you can recharge it using the USB.

IMG_5846 (1)

The iHome PowerClip comes in black, green, navy and red. It is sold at Walgreens, Sports Authority and Fred Meyer for $29.99 for the smaller battery and $49.99 for the larger one.

All photos via Mateja Lane

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Charge Your Devices on the Go with the New PowerClip Power Bank [PICS]