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Chaos Ensues as 22plinkster Shoots 3,500 PSI Air Tanks

air tanks

Things get a little chaotic when 22plinkster fires on three air tanks with 3,500 PSI per tank. The response by the tanks will make your head spin.

22plinkster is at it again. He's shooting stuff just for the fun of seeing what will happen. This time he's got his sights set on demolishing three 3,500 PSI air tanks.

He starts out shooting a 350 grain .45 caliber bullet from a Texan air rifle. The Texan pushes the bullet with 900 to 950 fps of power. Let's see what happens.

Well, that was interesting. It was a solid hit, but did not penetrate even the first tank. "These tanks just laughed at it," he says.

So, Plinkster retrieves his big gun, a .308 rifle firing a 150 grain full metal jacket round.

Whoo boy! Now that was unexpected. Those 3,500 PSI air tanks just exploded! At least the first two did. They blew right off from their 1/4 inch rope ties and just went spinning.

It looked like the first bottle was spinning in mid-air for a split second and then spun all the way back - 60 yards - on the ground to where 22plinkster was set up at his shooting table. What some power!

Slow motion shows that the 2x6 inch board that held the tanks bent and bowed as the tanks exploded. The round did not penetrate the third tank but it sure did the first two.

That was one of the more fun shooting experiments that 22plinkster has done.

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Chaos Ensues as 22plinkster Shoots 3,500 PSI Air Tanks