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Does Changing the Angle of Body Armor Help? [VIDEO]

body armor

If you have ever wondered if the angle of body armor changes its effectiveness, check out this video.

DemolitionRanch recently decided to find out if the angle at which a bullet strikes an armor plate would change how effective the armor was at stopping penetration.

In the video, he uses an armor plate from AR500 Armor that is rated to stop .308 FMJ rounds and everything smaller than that. The gun used in the video is an LMT AR chambered in .308.

In order to test the body armor, DemolitionRanch uses .308 armor-piercing incendiary rounds.

The results of his testing might surprise you.

This kind of real-world testing of body armor is really interesting to see.

Testing on body armor always seems to be done with directly head-on shots; but as DemolitionRanch says, real-world shots are not always from straight on.

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Does Changing the Angle of Body Armor Help? [VIDEO]