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Challenge Yourself by Duck Hunting with a .410

YouTube/Sage Buck Productions

If you’re looking for a new challenge, then try duck hunting with a .410.

As if duck hunting wasn’t tough enough already, taking a .410 out into the field on your next hunt will test your ability to effectively knock down birds.

Watch John and Rich from Hagerman Wings Farm as they show us how it’s done with a .410.

Well, they made that look easy! Nice shooting guys.

Many of us started hunting with a .410 years ago and unfortunately forget how great of a shotgun they can be in the right situation. Remington’s Model 1100 is available in .410 and as shown in the video is more than capable of knocking down plenty of ducks within 25 yards.

Think that finding a good hunting load for a .410 is limited? Think again. Hevi-shot has you covered with some great duck hunting loads for this light kicking gun. Take the .410 challenge and see how many ducks you can bring home the next time you’re out in the field.


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Challenge Yourself by Duck Hunting with a .410