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Chainsaw-Powered Ice Skates? We Wouldn’t Lie To You

Okay is this guy cutting a hole in the ice or is this the first pair of chainsaw-powered ice skates that you’ve ever seen?

In the annals of wood-chopping, ice-skating, and outdoor lore have you ever seen anything like this?

You’ve only ever heard about this legendary practice, but now you can see it with your own eyes: chainsaw ice skating.

Would we lie to you?

Set aside the safety issues for a moment and laugh your ass off!

While we wouldn’t recommend a little trip by ice skates via a running chainsaw, it’s still a comical way to get around.

Do you have a friend that’s tried this, or one that would try it?

Share this with him, but no bets. A running chainsaw is an extremely dangerous little item and will cut through you like butter. Watch this one from your couch and just tag your buddy.


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Chainsaw-Powered Ice Skates? We Wouldn’t Lie To You