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Century Arms Canik TP9sa 9mm Pistol: The Best Handgun Under $350 Bucks?

Get a detailed review on the Century Arms Canik TP9sa 9mm pistol: potentially the best bang for your buck.

Watch as the host from GY6vids gives a complete and thorough review of the Century Arms Canik TP9sa 9mm pistol; he even puts it through 100s of rounds and a torture test.

The performance, design, and packaging of this pistol will be a surprise as it can be found at a price that hovers around $350 bucks. With an 18-round capacity magazine and some innovative features, this is a handgun worth paying attention to.

That pistol incorporates many of the designs and accessories you would expect from a much more expensive gun but at a bargain price. The torture test was also impressive with only one stoppage on a failure to extract.

I also like a pistol that comes in a quality case, with at least two magazines, cleaning kit, and holster. Century Arms has taken a page from more premium pistol packages providing these accessories at a great price.

While many people automatically shy away from a bargain priced gun, thinking that it must suffer in design and performance, the Century Arms Canik TP9sa is a pistol well worth checking out if you are in the market for a solid 9mm automatic.



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Century Arms Canik TP9sa 9mm Pistol: The Best Handgun Under $350 Bucks?