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Cellphone Captures Massive School of Louisiana Redfish

louisiana redfish

These Louisiana redfish are certainly not camera shy!

When it comes to fishing for Louisiana redfish, many people find it hard to beat the salt marsh of the state’s backcountry. With most of the focus on the marshy areas, many people forget the insane ‘offshore’ action that can be found there as well.

Here is a great example of a school of thousands of redfish caught on film near what appears to be an oil rig. You will not believe your eyes!

Large schools of redfish behaving this way is quite common in some areas. However, the size of this particular school is what makes it so impressive. While it is hard to accurately measure the numbers that this school contains, it is safe to say you are looking at thousands and thousands of fish.

When fish begin to behave this way, they will eat just about anything that comes in their path. Many anglers who call the Louisiana marsh home prefer to use flies and other artificial lures to catch these hard-fighting swimmers.


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Cellphone Captures Massive School of Louisiana Redfish