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Celebrity Mountain Lion Found in Los Angeles Home [VIDEO]


A famous mountain lion was recently trapped in a L.A. home.

The big feline, locally known as P-22, has been roaming Griffith Park for a while. However, this is the first instance the mountain lion is known to have entered someone's home.

Workers were installing a home security system in Los Feliz, when one spotted something shocking. After launching tennis balls, shooting bean bags, and poking the mountain lion for a while, wildlife officials gave up for the night to let the cat settle.

P-22 is believed to be the first mountain lion to cross the 405 Freeway from the Santa Monica mountains. But it probably could have picked a more inviting den.

The homeowners didn't know the big cat was there until they were alerted, and there's no telling how long it had set up shop under their house.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said residents should not be concerned.

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Celebrity Mountain Lion Found in Los Angeles Home [VIDEO]