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9 Celebs That Make Up the Ultimate Dream Fishing Team [PICS]

Who made our dream fishing team?

Photo via theflysyndicate
Photo via theflysyndicate

In the film Fight Club, the characters played by Edward Norton and Brad Pitt talk about which historical figures they'd like to throw down with, coming up with Gandhi and Lincoln as their answers.

Today, we're asking ourselves which celebrities we'd like to fish with. To make things a bit more interesting, we decided to assemble a team of 10 celebrities who we'd put on a "dream" fishing team. Call it a fantasy fishing draft with a twist.

We avoided people who are actually professional anglers, but we did mostly stick with celebrities who have expressed interest or passion in fishing. Did we miss anyone? Let us know. Otherwise, enjoy the list.

View the slideshow to see who we picked for our celebrity fishing team.

Tiger Woods 

Photo via US Magazine

Woods' stock has dropped dramatically (and justifiably) in recent years as far as the American public is concerned. However, the golfer is still one of the greatest athletes of all time, and that athleticism extends well beyond the golf course.

In his spare time, Tiger likes to head out on his yacht for long afternoons of fishing. Apparently, he's even got a taste for spearfishing, which could make him an asset to the team in certain situations.

Jack Nicklaus 

Photo via Golf Channel

We couldn't resist this one. Woods has spent the entirety of his golfing career chasing the legacy of Jack Nicklaus - also a legendary golfer and also a guy who likes to fish in his spare time. Nicklaus and a few of the other PGA tour players from his time loved fishing during their breaks from the golf course, and angling has remained a hobbyist tradition among PGA players ever since.

Nowadays, reports indicate that the 74-year-old Nicklaus spends more time fly fishing than he does on the golf course. On the fairways and greens, Nicklaus was a relentless opponent, a quality we're sure he brings to the fishing boat as well. However, we'd want him on our team almost solely to watch he and Woods trade remarks.

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Kevin Costner 

Photo via celebrityfishtalk

Costner had to do some fishing - and become a half man, half fish hybrid - in 1994's Waterworld, which is arguably one of the worst movies of all time.

However, it appears that the experience making that particular film didn't sour Costner on the joys of fishing. In fact, the actor - who won the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars for his work on 1990's Dances with Wolves - has been a fishing enthusiast since he was a kid, and claims the he would fish in a mud puddle if there was a chance of scoring a catch. There's little doubt that Costner is a seasoned veteran when it comes to fishing, and his sure-footed expertise would undoubtedly be an asset to our fantasy fishing team.

Harrison Ford 

Photo via moldychum

Speaking of old veterans, Harrison Ford is a noted fishing hobbyist as well. Ford has said a few times that he doesn't fish as much as he used to. After all, the actor has been surprisingly prolific in recent years, appearing in four films in 2013 alone. However, we'd gladly pull Ford out of retirement if only to have a chance to catch fish with Han Solo and Indiana Jones himself.

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Paris Hilton 

Photo via

Before you start rolling your eyes, keep in mind that Hilton - like Costner - has been fishing since she was a kid. She's also told reporters that she's a completely different person away from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, and we'd frankly be curious to see her at work on a fishing trip.

Jimmy Buffett 

Photo via

Why Jimmy Buffett, you may ask? Last August, the singer/songwriter reeled in a massive tuna that weighed in at 350 pounds. Enough said. Clearly, Buffett is a guy with fame and fishing chops.

Liam Neeson 

Photo via theflysyndicate

Neeson has always been a respected actor in Hollywood, with an Academy Award nomination for his work as the titular character in Schindler's List and a slew of other acclaimed roles to his credit. However, Neeson has enjoyed quite a resurgence in popularity in recent years, becoming an "old guy action star" to rival Bruce Willis with films like Taken, Unknown, and the brand new Non-Stop.

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But when he's not kicking ass in the movies, Neeson is kicking ass at the lake. The star fancies himself quite the fly fishing fanatic. His chosen method for intimidating fish like he intimidates movie bad guys? Patience.

Tom Colicchio 

Photo via YouTube

You know what too many fishing teams forget? A master chef who can turn their catches into mouthwatering feasts.

One of the most famous culinary celebrities around right now, Tom Colicchio is someone that we would just have to snatch up for our fishing team. He's made his fishing prowess known with his show Hooked Up on the Reserve Channel and YouTube, but we're confident he would be a great addition to the team without ever picking up a rod and reel.

Emma Watson 

Photo via

If we need a Hollywood action star and a chef on the team, then we might as well have a famous witch too. That's not in the negative sense of "witch," by the way. Watson made her name by playing Hermione Granger in the blockbuster behemoth that was the Harry Potter film series.

However, the 23-year-old actress has passions outside of Hollywood, and one of them is fly fishing, Back in 2008, several sources quoted Watson about her fishing hobby. Apparently, she supports an organization called the Wild Trout Trust in Britain and even ties her own flies. That level of dedication, passion, and self-efficiency is something that any dream celebrity hunting team could use, so we're rounding out our fantasy line-up with Watson.

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