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Celebrites Get Blasted with a Salmon Cannon [VIDEO]

On his HBO show, comedian John Oliver introduced some revolutionary fish-launching technology to some fellow celebrities, whether they liked it or not.

On his program “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver has taken on topics ranging from corporate corruption to global warming.

But he launched into a lighter topic for the season finale when he covered the salmon cannon, a device which allows the fish to cross hydroelectric dams by firing them through a pressurized tube.

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On the spot, Oliver lampoons everything from the mainstream media’s coverage of the salmon cannon to the name of the company which creates it – Whooshh Innovations. Sometimes parody writes itself. Oliver was so excited about the salmon cannon, he got a little in-your-face about it, quite literally.

Taking to his own homemade salmon cannon, Oliver simulates launching the salmon at a bevy of fellow comedians with their own shows, battering Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Jimmy Fallon. Eventually he makes fishy cannon fodder out of Anderson Cooper, Rachael Ray, Tom Hanks, Homer Simpson, and a boatload more.

Clearly, regardless of wealth, fame, or social status, no one is safe from the salmon cannon.

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Celebrites Get Blasted with a Salmon Cannon [VIDEO]