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'Cecil the Lion' Law Now in Effect in New Jersey

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New Jersey adopts law banning import or export of trophy animals.

In response to the famous killing of Cecil the lion last year, the state of New Jersey has recently put into effect a law banning the import and export of animals killed during trophy hunts.

According to New Jersey News 12, the original proposal of the law was vetoed by Governor Chris Christie in early May. With some modifications, the governor has signed the new version of the proposal into law, which took effect on May 26.

Democratic State Senator Ray Lesniak, who sponsored the bill, aimed to prevent the Newark Liberty International Airport from being a hub for the animals. Lesniak is quoted in the report as saying, "Welcome to New Jersey, the humane state. First in the nation to ban ivory sales and second to ban trophy hunting." When making the claim for humanity, Lesniak apparently forgot that New Jersey has some of the loosest abortion laws in the nation boasting over double the abortion rates when compared to other states in recent years.

Governor Christie was apprehensive about the original version of the law for multiple reasons. He expressed concern the new legislation would have an impact on non-residents traveling through the state and proposed that the law only cover animals brought into the state of New Jersey, not others traveling via the busy airport with federal permits for the animals.

Quoted here, Christie says that he "will endorse reasonable measures that help protect threatened species." He goes on to say that, "Of course, no state legislation could ever by itself outlaw trophy hunts conducted overseas. There are significant questions whether such bans help or actually hurt wildlife conservation."

The new law makes transporting trophy animals or parts of animals a third-degree crime and could face charges up to $75,000 if convicted.

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'Cecil the Lion' Law Now in Effect in New Jersey