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CCI Copper .22 Ammo Review: The Fastest .22 on the Market

copper .22 ammo

22Plinkster gives a detailed review of CCI’s new copper .22 ammo. Here are the pros and cons of this new cartridge, along with performance indicators.

Dave Nash, aka 22Pinkster, gives a much anticipated review of CCI’s copper .22 ammo. This new copper .22 is the only lead-free ammunition currently on the market. This is an important development because in the years to come we’re going to be seeing more states mandate lead-free ammunition.

The bullet weighs 21 grains. That’s about half the weight of a typical 40 grain lead bullet. This lighter bullet travels a blazing 1850 fps, making it the fastest .22 long rifle cartridge currently on the market.

Some of the pros to this ammo include:

  • It’s lead-free.
  • It’s super fast.
  • When shooting steel targets there’s little worry about bullet fragments coming back to strike you.

Grouping at 100 yards is a problem though. Its performance drops off dramatically at that range. The ammo was developed for shooting between 20 and 75 yards, and for small game hunting. For most small game hunters that’s plenty good enough. Most small game shots fall well within 75 yards.

At 25 yards Nash makes about a 3/4-inch group. At 50 yards his group is about an inch. That’s perfectly serviceable for small game shooting.

The bullet is formed from a copper dust mixed with a polymer, and at 21 grains the recoil is even lighter than regular .22 ammunition.

Nash then shoots the bullets into a ballistic gel block. Penetration was very good. He also had nary a misfire out of a thousand rounds.

The cartridge is slightly more expensive than normal CCI or another company’s standard .22 ammo. It does the job it’s designed to do and does it well. And the bullet is a great alternative for shooting in states that have or are going to ban lead ammunition.

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CCI Copper .22 Ammo Review: The Fastest .22 on the Market