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CAUTION! This Video Will Make You Buy a Pet Fox

Cats and dogs better be on the lookout. It looks like owning a pet fox may become the new norm!

Thanks to the folks at Pedestrian TV, now every kid in the country is going to want to get a pet fox for their birthday.

This adorable video shows you why you need to own a pet fox!

While most of us will still be stuck with our typical cats and dogs, some lucky folks out there will be playing fetch with their perfectly trained, baby red fox. I must say, I am not a little jealous of that.

Their are cute, smart, agile, trainable, and certainly lovable. Sounds like the perfect pet if you ask me. But then again, I did almost buy a duck as pet one time. I am kinda glad I never went through with that one though. In regards to trainability, ducks seem to be the complete opposite from foxes.

In closing, stick with foxes, my friends!

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CAUTION! This Video Will Make You Buy a Pet Fox