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What Caused This Flock of Ducks to Panic? [VIDEO]

flock of ducks

The flock of ducks in this video suddenly panics when a predator appears. Can you identify it?

In this video, a flock of pintail ducks is gathered on a causeway between two bodies of water. They seem to be resting in contentment before all hell breaks loose.

Akin to the Red Sea parting, these ducks erupt into an explosion of movement and feathers, and separate into the water. What was it that freaked them out?

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Still can’t figure out what predator was responsible? We’ll give you a hint: It is a bird of prey known for its incredible displays of speed while diving, also known as stooping.

All right, we’ll tell you. The bird of prey that caused this flock of ducks to panic is none other than the peregrine falcon. Despite their panic, the ducks’ strategy of using movement and chaos to confuse the falcon worked, and the hungry bird flew off without a meal.

And even with the falcon’s aerial acrobatics, the geese in the foreground of the video didn’t seem too impressed.

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What Caused This Flock of Ducks to Panic? [VIDEO]