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Caught on Camera: New Virginia State Record Turkey Hunt

virginia state record turkey

Dustin Plummer captures his 7-bearded turkey, new Virginia State Record, all on film.

As if getting the state record for Virginia with the largest turkey wasn’t enough, Dustin Plummer caught all the action on camera.

We first brought you the story of the New Virginia State Turkey Record back in April when we caught wind of this amazing 7-bearded bird. Dustin Plummer and his cameraman, Bryan Henley, set out on April 11th to take what they thought was just another turkey, but little did they know, they were capturing on video the new Virginia State Record.

Things changed very quickly for Dustin and Bryan. At a moments notice, the gobbler began to putt, which indicates a turkey does not like the current situation. Often times they will run or fly away (as mentioned in 8 Sounds Turkeys Make and What They Mean). Dustin and Bryan, at first were letting the gobbler get in close to make good video, but then realized it was a now or never situation and had to take the shot.

The record turkey scored a total of 162.3750. All seven beards combined measured 61.75 inches and it weighed 18.625 pounds.

Stories like this are exciting and fun to share. Anytime you can be in the outdoors hunting with your family or buddies it just makes for great memories. I don’t know anyone who has ever mumbled the words, “Remember that time, when we were playing the video game…” Hunting sure has it’s ups and downs, but to be able to capture it on video and top it off with a new record trophy, just makes this hunt all-in-all, a hunt of a lifetime.



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Caught on Camera: New Virginia State Record Turkey Hunt