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Caught on Camera: Whooping Crane Chick Hatches [VIDEO]

Watch this video of a new whooping crane chick recently born in Wisconsin.

See that small, brown ball of fluff near the whooping crane in the video? Yep, that is what has nature lovers so excited in Adams County, Wisconsin.

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This chick is at least the third one to be born so far this year in Wisconsin and that is great news for the species and its comeback in the wild.

On the verge of extinction in the 1940s, the whooping crane now numbers around 600 individuals, with 445 of those living in the wild. With numbers that low, every single chick is important to the future survival of this majestic bird.

Thanks to huge efforts by the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership, the whooping crane is making a comeback. While it is still a long road ahead before this bird species will not be endangered anymore, there are dedicated people out there who are working hard to make it happen every day.

For more information on the the whooping crane, the first chick born in Wisconsin this year, and the efforts being made to save the species, click here.

Do you think enough effort is being made to save the whooping crane? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Caught on Camera: Whooping Crane Chick Hatches [VIDEO]